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How did the Glenn Anderson Day of Golf Begin?

The Day of Golf History holds a genuinely heartwarming story of compassion and generosity. Glenn Anderson has always been passionate about volunteer work and supporting local charities. He had previously helped at a volunteer golf tournament with Doug Cummings and John Trueman (who sadly passed away on July 12, 2023). Back in 1985, as Glenn sought new causes to lend his support, the opportunity to help the Cross Cancer Institute emerged, and he was overjoyed.

In the 1986-1987 Oilers Hockey season, Acklands Grainger offered to donate a thousand dollars to the Cross for every goal that Glenn scored. Cal Nichols decided to match the donations with his company Gasland Oil. Glenn’s exceptional skill on the ice resulted in over fifty goals that season, ultimately leading to a staggering $100,000 donation from both Acklands Grainger and Gasland Oil.


Discussions then started about starting a golf tournament for the Cross Cancer Institute. Cal, a former part-owner of the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club, used his Gasland connections to find sponsors for the event and was able to get together 154 golfers. The inaugural tournament was nothing short of a triumph, raising an impressive $55,000 for Alberta cancer research. This initial tournament and every one since wouldn’t have been possible without the blood, sweat, and tears of dedicated volunteers.

The Glenn Anderson Day of Golf has gone on to raise millions of dollars, which have been dedicated to groundbreaking cancer research, treatment, and care in Alberta.


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